Sailormoon World Musical Doll

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She arrived today!

Isn't she lovely?! I paid $176.50 for her. To date, I believe that makes her the most expensive doll I own. I still consider that to be an excellent deal and I stand by my early stance that this is a REALLY good time to be buying things!

I really just with the big eBay sellers would catch on and lower their damn prices so I can get my Eternal Article already! *shakefist*

Does anyone know if they made one of these for each of the girls that played Moon? If so, wow - I've got a long road ahead. xD I really like the hair on this doll, it's super pretty and her face is really cute. She doesn't appear to have a stand or a wand. Should she? I think it's a little weird that Super Moon is on the box but isn't this an Eternal fuku? Funny packaging is funny.

The original price tag is still on it: ¥3,000, haha.

So, that puts me back into the debt hole. I have a few things for sale still. Those sales will help a little and then Another Anime Convention is in October. I'm in the Artists Alley and I have a ton of Sailormoon related stuff to sell. Trouble is, I don't have much of any other anime so I really need to gear up my game if I'm going to appeal to a wider market.

I also got a Bandai Asia Prism Heart Compact the other day to replace the Italian one I have. The Italian one is in better condition, but I really want to have the Chinese or Japanese RPG toys. I just like the boxes better. I figure I can always upgrade later.

I've got a few 6" dolls and some other trades on their way to me so check my DA later for those updates. I don't expect to make any more large purchases between now and after AAC (though I am really eying that Star Wand on eBay for a BIN of $150 >_>).


The Space Issue

It's finally happened: I'm running out of space. ._.  See?

My husband has said absolutely no more bookcases in the room where I display my stuff (even though I'm certain I could fit one more!).  I am now facing the dilemma of what to do as I continue to acquire stuff. >_>

I am certain there's still some expansion on the existing shelves that I could have with some serious rearranging.  I have a whole shelf that just has gashapon on it and I can spread those around to make room on that shelf for larger things.  I have a few shelves near the bottom that have lots of space to fill, but I worry about stacking things in so tightly that you can't really see what's there. I also have some shelves that are actually being used as storage for boxes and some other things like comics. 

I've been getting a lot of boxed dolls lately and they really do take up a lot of space.  I think the dark blue boxed dolls are probably the set of which  I have the most, so I was thinking if I had to pack stuff up, it might be those that get put away.  But the thought of not displaying the entire collection really bothers me.  What's the point of having these pretty things if they aren't there for me to sit and look at and enjoy?  I feel like if things are going to be packed up and put in storage they might as well just be sold.  But I spent so much time trying to GET these things, is it really worth it to then turn around and sell them in trade for space for different things? 

Or, do I need to recognize that there are just some things that I want MORE and I need to be willing to part with the things I want less to have them?  Do I need to have 6" long face Irwin dolls in dark and light blue boxes?  Do I NEED to have two sets of 17" dolls?  I like each set because they are unique - thinking about parting with one of them seems like a terrible decision to make. 

I know a lot of people don't collect the dark blue boxed dolls because they are "ugly," but I really like them mostly because of the villains that were made.  Do I get a point where I sell the old versions of dolls when I have the new editions?  Do I sell my 1997 11" Super Sailor Moon just because I have the 2001 version?  They aren't the same doll and they have aesthetic differences and intrinsic value in those differences.  At least to me they do.

The other option is deboxing.  Ordinarily I'm not a deboxer of unopened dolls, but I don't think the dark blue Irwin dolls really maintain that much higher a value by being sealed.  I think as long as I kept all the bits and could repackage them up to look nice they would maintain a resale value.  Not to mention, how likely am I to want to sell them anyway?  I assume at some point in my life I will decide this is silly and I need to sell all or most of this stuff... (right?) ... but I have no idea what the market for Sailor Moon toys will be like then (if it even still exists) so should I WORRY about resale value?  Or should I just display the dolls with their stands in nice, neat little rows of compact space?  Should I make the sacrifice of the nice pretty box in order to have the option of keeping them all on display?

The sum of my problem is that I have over 80 dolls and most of them are in boxes. 

OVER 80 DOLLS.  These really take up the most space.  And I don't really even have the Japanese ones that I'd really like to get.  I feel like I haven't started.  ^o^  There are another 70 dolls on my wish list.  Can you imagine?  Where on these shelves could I fit 150 dolls in boxes?! It would be like the entire collection! xD

tl;dr I need to be realistic at some point and commit myself to either SELLING or STORING.

I don't like either. :\

The Economics of the Fandom

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It's not a good time to sell, but it's a great time to buy.

Much like the housing market, the Sailor Moon collectibles market seems to be in a depressive slump. As more and more people run into financial trouble, they have less money to spend on superfluous purchases like toys from a 90s show. Subsequently, there are less buyers out there for every item on the market. Less buyers means less demand, and less demand means falling prices.

I've seen it in my own personal purchases ($68 Starlight headset, most recently) as well as in auctions on eBay. Even in private sales it seems like people really aren't willing to pony up for items as quickly or as much as they used to compared to the last 3 years I've been collecting.

The "market value" for everything is declining. Of course, this also devalues - monetarily speaking - my collection. Knowing that I bought while the market was high has hurt on some items - I did just see a Cosmic Heart Locket sell for about half what I paid for it just a few short months ago - but the sentimental value of the collection thankfully doesn't change. ^o^  Some sellers haven't caught on that demand has dropped; or maybe they never knew the value of the item in the first place.

Though my wallet might be hurting, I'm pretty excited about the opportunity for good buys. I'm like a hawk on the wing, lurking over the fallen prey of the economic crisis for the shiny spoils.

Is that too gruesome? ^^;

All that being said, you know things will turn around eventually and we'll all be back to shelling out our cash for the pretty things we want. Until then, I think I'll hold off on some sales and look for some sweet steals. :3

Family of Moonlight & Other Updates

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I've become a contributing writer for the blog Family of Moonlight.  The people helping with the blog are the 'Tsuki Family' and they all great people.  Check out the blog!  My responsibilities include covering eBay as well as some aspects of the fandom like fan characters, but the blog has a broad focus on the the fandom in general and you can feel free to submit ideas for posts :D  You can read my most recent eBay post here as well as my interview with Shai (on of the Sailor Crystalstars) here. Definitely keep watch on that blog; there should be lots of fun articles coming through!

Collection updates are very excited.  I just picked up a Sailormoon lot full of lots of wonderful things.  You can see them all in this Photobucket album.  I'm still sorting through it all and figuring out the details about what's there so if you know information about these different items feel free to let me know.  I'm also looking for estimates on their value. 

I just purchased a complete set of swing keychains from Hitoshi Doi for $50.  I figured I'd better get the PGSM ones now too, so I did.  And I just found an Irwin Pluto plush on eBay with a BIN of $20 so I got that too. xD  It doesn't appear to have the leg tag, so that's a bummer.  But it's better than nothing! :D 

So I really didn't hold myself to not spending myself into a hole again. T____T

Oh well, I guess it's worth the THRILL right?!

Things for Sale+ Collection Updates

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I have a few items for sale on my DeviantArt collection page including a Chibimoon keychain, some VHS, and a few gashapon (Rei is the only one that's not a bootleg).

I am also selling the originals of three of my "Sailor Legs" illustrations.  They are $20 ea. and come matted.  You can see them here. (Chibimoon and Saturn is on hold right now; more of these might be available soon I just need more mats.)

Anyone know the going value of a OOB PGSM Sailor Moon with wand and stand?  I'm debating selling her but I'm not sure yet. T_T

I am waiting for the following items to come in the mail:
- PGSM Talking Luna
- Luna Pen (European version)
- 6" World dolls (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)
- Luna P Sphere
- SMS Uranus Plush
- Meet Sailor Mercury
- a Sailormoon pillowcase
- 11.5" Irwin Venus in box
- DiC Pluto key chain (with no key chain bit and no packaging xD)

As I was typing this list, PGSM Luna and my Luna Pen arrived!  JOY! ^0^  OMG wow talking Luna is so cute.  She keeps asking me if I'm the Princess.  :3  Does anyone know what kind of battery I should use in the Luna Pen?  It says 1.5v.  Is that the same as a AAA or is it a special kind of battery?  YAY TOYS!

The mail man hates me - actually.  He's always complaining about the number of packages I get.  D:  I'm sorry that you you have to carry plastic toys that weigh almost nothing from your mail truck to my office.  I don't know, I thought it might be YOUR JOB, but maybe I'm wrong. D:


State of the Collection

Everything in the sales post is still for sale; I'm going to put it all up on eBay this weekend. 

I am current about $100 in the hole because of my contest prizes on my stock account.  Whoops!  ^_^;  I also just booked a $200 plane ticket to North Carolina in May, and I dropped $100 on the Anime Boston convention and AA registration.  SO NEEDLESS TO SAY I will probably not be buying any cool toys in the next few days, weeks... months?  xD  Seems like a good time to reflect!

My goals with this collection started off as pretty much: get everything Sailormoon that I can get my hands on.  After three or so years of collecting, I'm starting to realize that I should probably focus a little more.   Presently, I have three bookcases in my house full of merch.  I got the third bookcase because I had stuff just lying around in piles that did not fit on the other two.  Unfortunately, that means bookcase #3 was full upon arrival. 

So the question becomes: do I continue with this bookcase thing (husband insists I cannot fit another one in there) or do I start putting up shelving?  I love that some people have their collections in these nice, closed cabinets.  I don't really want to go spend money on something like that though - I have gotten two/three bookcases for free and the last one was $20 at IKEA. :P  I guess I could put a few shelves up over my sewing machine and that could hold a few more things.  The other option is to - omg - SELL some stuff to make room for other stuff.  I realize that this is probably the most logical thing to do because at some point - no matter how creative I get - that room is going to run out of space.   And there are so many pretty things I want still! D:

The collection has reached a sort of point where I know that from now on, most of the stuff I'm going to want to focus on is going to be big ticket items (lockets mainly, and toys).   There's a few less expensive things that I still want (plushies, the last few gashapon) but for the most part, it's the shinies I'm after now.   So, assuming I make some money at the conventions and assuming I can find said items for sale, there is a decent possibility that I may be offing some of the items I have which take up a lot of space but don't necessarily mean a great deal to me. 

It's really hard for me to part with something once I have it though, even if it's a long face doll :P

Hmm, maybe we could build an addition...