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Collection Update & Star Locket Comparison

I haven't really posted a collection update in a few months.  Obviously I've gotten many things (hehe) but I will just go over some of the coolest here.  As always, you can see the whole collection in painstaking detail on my DeviantArt account, Sakkysmoonbag. Skip to the end if you want to help with a Star Locket Tutorial!

Back in November I picked up all three Starlights Beauty Change dolls on SeraSell.  They were $100/ea which is probably a little more than average, but as usual my habits of wanting to buy directly from other sellers I trust out weighed my desires to try and wait for a deal from an unknown seller.  I'm really glad I got them all together though.  Of course, now I'm eying other BC dolls, but they are so expensive and I don't have all that much space for dolls these days. >_>

In December, I found a Heartful Harmony (also on SeraSell).  It was $117.  It's an expensive item for being so weird (it's not canonical in any way) but I had it on my wish list because it plays Moonlight Densetsu.  You can see a video of it here.  I have seen it sell for less (averaging around $80-90) but I was happy to pick it up in such great condition. 

(Slightly off topic: there are lots of videos of Sailormoon toys on YouTube and I find them helpful as references for various things.  I was thinking about also doing videos of my toys and stuff but since most of them are up in some form already do you think it's too repetitive?  Or are different perspectives good?)

Also in December, a fellow collector contacted me about a Nakayoshi Chibimoon. I wasn't too keen on spending all that much on one doll but she was so cute and she came with her box so it was hard to resist!  She was $206 which I think makes her the most expensive price I've paid for one doll.  Since then, I've been trying to sell my World Musical Doll to make up for it. xD

In January I snagged a Super Sailormoon Petite for $50.  I'd actually lost one in auction only a few days before I found this one and I was happy to get it from a trusted seller.  She's in really great condition.  I wish I knew more about the petite figures, particularly Moon and the Inners.  There seem to be so many different versions of them and it can be very confusing.  

I also went eBay crazy in January and bid like mad on a Sailormoon World Sailor Saturn doll.  I don't know what made me do it, but I just kept bidding and bidding with complete determination to win.  I swear sometimes I have no control. I won in the end for $135.49.  Ugh.  I don't know why I did it but DAMN is she cute >_>  She's also unopened and it's the version with the proper boots. 

The last few awesome items have just come in the mail in the last few days.  It's really exciting since these are things that I have been looking for for a really, really long time.  I am sure some of you know what it's like when you have something on your wish list for so long and you just feel like you can't get your little hands around it! D:

FINALLY I got my Eternal Article AND my 1992 Starry Sky Orgel! <3

I'm absolutely GIDDY of course!! :D  The Eternal Article I had to finally break down and spend $300 on eBay (though it included shipping).  I was really determined to get it for $250 or less but I just couldn't WAIT anymore.  It feels REALLY good to have at least one version of all the compacts now.  And the Orgel was just a stroke of luck!  Another collector contacted me by email and offered it to me along with a PGSM Deluxe Henshin Accessory Set.  The locket was 100€ (about $120) and the Accessory Set was 45€ ($60).  Considering how expensive that set has been selling for on eBay I was really happy to get it for that.  Now I have earrings for my Mars costume! *dance*

Incidentally, this seller also has the following items available.  I'd be happy to make a referral if we've done business before.
  • Eternal Sailor moon Dream Pocket Dolls 45€
  • Sailor Star healer Dream Pocket Dolls 30€
  • Sailor Neptune Beauty Change 50€
  • PGSM Chatterbox Luna (in box) 55€
Now I have two Orgels so I'm not really sure what I will do.  Because I am over $300 in the negative I am tempted to sell one, but I'm not sure if I would keep the Japanese one in the Chinese box, or keep the Chinese one in the Chinese box, or keep the loose Japanese one and sell the Chinese one with the box.  It's a complicated decision.  For now I will likely keep both for a while and ponder it over.  I really would like to pay off this giant debt but I don't think I'm quite ready to part with either yet.

Also, here's the stuff I have for sale. :P

I took the time to do a few comparison photos of the lockets for you guys.  I posted it on DA:

Star Locket - HK vs. Japanese
by *SakkysMoonBag on deviantART

Star Locket Tutorial
I really want to make a guide to all the different versions but I need help from people who have them.  So far I have photos of:
  • 1995 Made in China Hong Kong edition with box
  • 1992 Made in China edition loose (possibly Spanish release)
  • 1995 Bandai Asia Korean edition with box
  • 1992 Made in Japan Pink Japanese edition loose
  • 1992 Unknown Spanish edition with box (possible the same as the second on this list)
I wrote up a comparison that I'm updating as I get more pictures and information here on Blogger and here on LJ. 
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