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Large Price Check List

I recently made an Excel Sheet with all my merch to try to keep better track of what I have, how much I've spent, and what stuff is worth.  I have a column for Estimated Value and I've put a lot of guesses in there.  The prices listed here are my 'Estimated Value' but I would appreciate any feedback you guys might have if any of these seem off.  I know there's a lot, so even if you just have feedback on a few it's helpful.  ^_^  Thanks for your time.

1000 Editions S Posters $20 ea.
1992 Japanese Stickers $10 set
Diana Plushie $50
Re-release Manga Vols $10 ea.
Irwin Mars Plushie $10
Starlight Excellent Models $60 ea.
Bandai 11" Mercury Doll '94 $30
European 11" Venus Doll $30
European 11" Mars Doll $30
PGSM Heart Moon Brooch $30
PGSM Teletia-S $25
PGSM 6" Sailor Luna Doll $50
Pink Moon Stick in Box $40
World Chibiusa Doll MIB w/Timekey $50
World Sailormoon Doll MIB $30
Chibi Moon European Compact $50
Crisis Moon Compact  $80
"Cutie" Moon Rod $20
Super Transformation Wand $40
PGSM Moon Wand $15
AQ Plushies $25 ea.
Chibimoon 3D Keychain $5
Sailor Moon Comforter $20
Japanese Manga 1-15 $10 ea.
English Manga 1-15 $10 ea.
Artbook V $200
Artbook IV $50
Artbook II $25
Artbook I $25
Sailor Locket (sticker is a bit torn, no cord) $25
Bandai Japan in box Tuxedo Kamen 2" $10
Dressables $5 ea.
Wicked Lady 6" Doll $10
Eternal Tier World Edition $100
World MiniCollection DX2 $120
Sailor Jupiter Plushie $5
Artbook III $100
Anime Artbooks $10
Sailor V Manga Vol 1  + 2  $10
Materials Collection $150
The Doom Tree Series VHS $10
17" Sailor Jupiter Doll $15

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