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Large Price Check List

I recently made an Excel Sheet with all my merch to try to keep better track of what I have, how much I've spent, and what stuff is worth.  I have a column for Estimated Value and I've put a lot of guesses in there.  The prices listed here are my 'Estimated Value' but I would appreciate any feedback you guys might have if any of these seem off.  I know there's a lot, so even if you just have feedback on a few it's helpful.  ^_^  Thanks for your time.

1000 Editions S Posters $20 ea.
1992 Japanese Stickers $10 set
Diana Plushie $50
Re-release Manga Vols $10 ea.
Irwin Mars Plushie $10
Starlight Excellent Models $60 ea.
Bandai 11" Mercury Doll '94 $30
European 11" Venus Doll $30
European 11" Mars Doll $30
PGSM Heart Moon Brooch $30
PGSM Teletia-S $25
PGSM 6" Sailor Luna Doll $50
Pink Moon Stick in Box $40
World Chibiusa Doll MIB w/Timekey $50
World Sailormoon Doll MIB $30
Chibi Moon European Compact $50
Crisis Moon Compact  $80
"Cutie" Moon Rod $20
Super Transformation Wand $40
PGSM Moon Wand $15
AQ Plushies $25 ea.
Chibimoon 3D Keychain $5
Sailor Moon Comforter $20
Japanese Manga 1-15 $10 ea.
English Manga 1-15 $10 ea.
Artbook V $200
Artbook IV $50
Artbook II $25
Artbook I $25
Sailor Locket (sticker is a bit torn, no cord) $25
Bandai Japan in box Tuxedo Kamen 2" $10
Dressables $5 ea.
Wicked Lady 6" Doll $10
Eternal Tier World Edition $100
World MiniCollection DX2 $120
Sailor Jupiter Plushie $5
Artbook III $100
Anime Artbooks $10
Sailor V Manga Vol 1  + 2  $10
Materials Collection $150
The Doom Tree Series VHS $10
17" Sailor Jupiter Doll $15


I had heard the Mars plushie was going for way more than the others, but I'm not sure how much more.

Thanks for the feedback!
Since your Irwin Mars plushie is out of its box, it probably is not worth that $40 price tag, but thats my opinion. I paid $15 + shipping for my Irwin Venus plushie, and I think even that was a little steep. It was kind of an impulse buy, though, since I want to have a huge Venus collection.
Hmm, okay. So it's probably more like the others then. I wonder if it was just this one person that REALLY wanted one ^^;
But yeah, other than that Mars plushie, all of your estimates are a little on the low side. If you're planning on selling, this might not be a good thing.
No I don't want to sell anything, I'm just trying to estimate the value of my collection. ^_^
good luck!!
i think your comforter is worth more then just $10. (= i think its worth double that price. (especially on ebay)
Oh thanks! good to know. I know a lot of these are probably off.