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I the cell phone camera snapshot I took of my collection last night, you can see I've got a random assortment of shelves on which I display my collection.  They were all free.  I kind of like the haphazard look of it, but I know that eventually I am going to need to set up a more protective display for my items as I intend on reproducing. Rather than section of a room of my house that will forever be inaccessible to my offspring, I am considering saving up to buy and install cases with glass doors that close so the collection can still be viewed but will remain protected from prying hands, with the added benefit of also being kept a little less dusty.  Right now, the collection is in kind of it's own room. It will eventually need to more to a more central location in the house as that room will inevitably become "the baby's room." It would be nice to both protect my collection and have it look a bit more presentable. 

I'm looking mainly at Ikea for ideas because the DIY assembly part makes them a bit more affordable. Some of the options I am considering would make a significant dent in my collection additions for a while as I expect husband-unit would require they be paid with Sailormoon money.

(For those who aren't intimately familiar with my finances, "Sailormoon money" is what I call my disposable income from commissions and art alleys - this is the only money I use to fund the collection which allows my other - "real money" - from my paycheck to go towards normal household living expenses.)

On the least expensive end we have the DETOLF Glass-door cabinet at $64.99.  A few of my friends have this cabinet.  It's handy because you can see in on all sides.  The draw backs (as far as I can tell) are the limited width (only 16 3/4" so this beast isn't fitting in there), and the fact that the shelves are not adjustable for height. That alone is enough for me to think this one is not going to work.

The KLINGSBO Glass-door cabinet is next at $129. It's an inch wider than the DETOLF and it has the added benefit of having a lock. I like the way it's raised up a bit off the floor, but because of the flared feet I wouldn't be able to set them directly side-by-side.  Also, that DX doll set STILL wouldn't fit. >_>

Leaving price aside for a while, another option I checked out is the BJURSTA Glass-door cabinet at $349. It has a sleek look and I kind of like the little drawer because it would be a neat place to store flat items.  The ultimate drawback for this shelf is the lack of knobs.  It opens and closes with a light pressing motion.  I am sure I could rig a way to lock it, but it wouldn't be as easy as ties on knobs would be.  It also doesn't come in white which is kind of the color I'm leaning towards.

That leaves me with the HEMNES Glass-door cabinet for $325 and the LIATORP Glass-door cabinet for $369.  Other than the fact that the HEMNES is about $40 cheaper, it also has 4 adjustable shelves instead of the 3 the LIATORP has. In the LIATORP's favor we have space with an additional 7" in height and an extra 2" for both depth and width.  Not a huge difference, but sometimes those extra inches in height can really help with some of the taller wands.

In general, I think I'm leaning towards the HEMNES. I kind of prefer the solid shelves to the glass ones and it's more modern design would allow me to place multiples side-by-side. The downside is that I estimate I would need at least 4 of these to hold the collection at it's current size.  That's a whopping $1300.  T__T  Though I could probably not get them all at once and slowly convert the collection into the new cabinets as I can afford to do so.

The question now is: how many toys do I want to give up in order to get my collection behind glass?



Is it really handmade?

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I've been chatting with a few Moonie friends recently about this topic so I figured I would make a blog post about it and see what kind of discussion there is to be had in the community.

I've noticed recently a few really fancy looking cosplay props popping up online. Some of them are SO well made that to me they look like copies of the actual RPG toys made by molding from the originals and casting in a new material. A few of these listings say things like "handmade" which would make me think that at least if they are cast copies then the original version was first hand sculpted. If so, that's really awesome, because I can barely tell the difference! However, it seems more likely to me that many of these lockets and items popping up are actually made from molds that were taken from the real toys.

I think there's a difference between hand making an item and taking a licensed product, making a mold, and casting a version of it to sell. I am bias here because I do hand make cosplay props and I do sell them. Fundamentally, we are talking about selling fanart here, which I know gets people all riled up in some circles - but let's put that aspect aside for a moment and talk about bootlegs. What is a bootleg?

To me, a bootleg is a item that tries to be the original but fails - because it isn't. If you see something that's a bootleg or a knock off of some official thing, you can usually tell because of little things like the colors being off, or the packaging having strange things on it. The goal of a bootleg is to be like the original so that you will buy it because it's "close enough" or maybe you might even think it is an official product (like those sneaky Crisis Compact bootlegs and those darn Artbook bootlegs! >,<)

I would say that most fanartists, though striving for accuracy, actually take a decent amount of pride in their little flairs of creativity with the items they make. I know that I like to make items that are accurate and pretty, but also have a touch of my style. I don't typically make molds of my items because I like to do them each as a custom, a special order for the person requesting it. As I said, I think if an artist hand sculpts and item, makes a mold of it, and then proceeds to make casts of it, that's okay. It's a bit like selling a print, in that way.

Maybe because I am an artist I take a little bit of offense to the idea that someone might make a mold of an official item, cast it, paint it and sell it. Is it nice to have a near-perfect replica of an expensive and hard to find item? I'm sure it is! But something just bothers me about it. To make the 2D analogy, it's like tracing. Maybe it is because I hand make the props I make that I feel like it's not the most honest way to do prop making. I do feel like that practice comes pretty close to how I'd define bootlegging and at the very least should not be called "handmade." Maybe "hand painted replica" instead?

I know my bias is obvious here, so how do you guys feel about this kind of practice? Do you think that there is a difference between hand sculpting custom cosplay items and making molds of official merchandise and then making copies from that? As a cosplayer, would you rather have accuracy over a personal touch? As a collector, do you think a replica or cast can take the place of an official item? Under what circumstance?

Looking forward to hearing your respectful conversation on the topic. ^0^


I am back from Animazement and I made a lot of money selling my art at the convention so I've been on a buying spree.  I'm trying to be selective about what I get, even though people like ochibawolf  don't believe I'm capable of such a challenging task! :P  I wanted to save up for something awesome and cool like a lip rod or something, but I'm also impatient and there are a lot of things on my wish list that I'd like to get more than some of the big ticket items.

Wish list is here.

So far I am waiting for the following to arrive:
- a ton of books from the aforementioned Ochibawolf (she doesn't complain when I'm indiscriminately buying from HER)
- a PGSM Beauty Nail Set (I caved and spent $50 on it inc. shipping.  Ugh it's the last one I don't have and I really wanted it >_>)
- SMR Excellent Sailor Venus and Jupiter (bought Venus in a private sale and Jupiter was won in an eBay auction)
- 6" Irwin 1997 Chibimoon doll (still trying to find a few of these)
- SMW Chibimoon doll (stoked about this one, I think it's the last one I need other than a DX1 set)
- Italian Luna Pen (caved and bought it after watching Ochi's review)
- SuperS Venus doll from Bandai (I think I'm going to focus on the SuperS dolls for a while since I don't really love the Beauty Change Stars ones that much...)

I've also got a lot of things I haven't taken photos of yet like the three additional 1000 edition prints I've found in the last few weeks and those tee shirts I bought a while back.

Things I bought at Animazement: Uranus & Neptune Petits, SMR Ex. Sailor Mercury, SMR Ex. Sailor Mars

Ochi is going to teach me how to use Yahoo Japan and then we're all in trouble. (This journal is very Ochi centeric, huh?  You think I have a crush on her or something?)

Before I blow all the rest of my money I'd really like to get the last two Cutie Figures that I need (Mercury and Jupiter) and possibly another Dream Pocket doll (still need Eternal Sailormoon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Neptune).  There's a few ESM ones floating around but they are all like $120 and that seems too much to me.  I would also really like to score a Japanese Pink Sugar Stick sooner rather than later.  I think it's my last remaining wand to replace.

There is that $555 World Musical Gashapon up on eBay that I'm sure some of you have seen.  I actually contacted the seller to see if they would take offers on it and they said no. Wa.  I want it. >,<

For the record (because people still ask about this): I do not spend any of my "real job" paycheck on Sailormoon toys.  ALL of the Sailormoon merch is paid for through commissions, merch sales and the money I make at conventions. <3

I really want to do another collection video but my camera keeps crapping out on me and now I'm running out of time with Otakon creeping up in July.  I will probably end up doing a video after that.

I guess that's all from me!  I am so proud of myself for being very strict and not spending money before Animazement so that I can be able to spend it all after! xD  It's really fun. >_>  AND NOW I HAVE A NEW MAIL MAN AND HE DOESN'T HATE ME.  (yet.)

ochibawolf  rocks. THAT IS ALL.

Starry Sky Orgel (AKA Star Locket) Comparison Post

Author's Notes: This guide is incomplete and contains some guesswork by me. It will be updated as frequently as needed. I'm looking for many more pictures and any more information. If you have information or photos to add please let me know!

This post is for informational purposes only and I mean no disrespect by using the images in it - I'm am actively seeking to give credit on any images that don't currently have it.
However, if I have listed photos that are yours and you'd rather me not use them in this informational post please let me know and I will remove them. Also, if I have used your photo and you would like for me to list credit please just tell me and I will add it immediately. Thanks!

The elusive and desirable Starry Sky Orgel, most commonly referred to as the Star Locket. It is one of the ultimate shiny things in the realm of shiny things for Sailormoon collectors. We seek it, we long for it, we hunt it; sometimes we shell out hundreds of dollars for it.

It's not the most expensive or rare item one could acquire, but something about the Star Locket entices us. Is it the symbolism because of it's importance in the story we love? Is it the little plink-plink sound the spinning barrel makes while playing that just-a-bit-too-fast tune?

It's all of that, of course. It's just magical!

When I first started seeking this shiny I was pretty confused. Even after having owned two of them and seen many others in collections, I remain slightly confused about how many different versions of this toy were made. To try to sort out my understanding of it and to share this information with other collectors, I am making this post to document what I know and have seen about all the versions of the lovely Star Locket. Please feel free to contribute your knowledge too!

Version 1: The Original 1992 Japanese Starry Sky Orgel
Front of Box | Back of Box | Close up of front | Close up of back | Open locket | Back of locket
Images provided and hosted by tsuki_no_eifie

The original Starry Sky Orgel was released in Japan the same year as the manga, 1992. The toy was made in Japan and sold in Japan. Like all the Orgels, it is a gold star shaped locket with a round lid that opens up revealing a pink gem nestled beside a gold moon. When you turn the key on the bottom of the locket, the gold moon spins around a silvery holographic background with pink phases of the moon on it. The original Japanese locket is very gold in color when compared to its European or Hong Kong counterparts. The ring around the lid is slightly less gold in color.

This locket has no marking on the underside of the lid. The box for it is a reddish pink color and the writing is all in Japanese. The Bandai sticker (if present) will be on the upper left of the part of the box that sticks up. There is picture of Sailormoon on the front left corner of the box and a copyright along where her skirt is that says, "BANDAI 1992 MADE IN JAPAN." There is no box around this text - it has a slight white outline while it overlaps with the picture of Sailormoon.

The back of the physical locket also says "BANDAI 1992 MADE IN JAPAN". No other gold version of the locket was made in Japan (we'll get to the pink one later).

Version 2a: 1992 "Made in China" Starry Sky Orgel

There are other Star Lockets with the 1992 date on it; here is one. The major difference between this locket and the original 1992 Japanese locket is that this locket says "BANDAI 1992 MADE IN CHINA" clearly on its back - not Japan. I owned one of these lockets for a while but it did not have a box. You can see in the image that this locket also has no "2" marking under the lid. It's color is also very gold when compared to the Hong Kong or European lockets. Because of the strong similarities with the original Japanese locket, I thought it was an original Japanese locket. However, I am now 100% convinced that this locket was produced separately at the same time as the Japanese locket.

I have not come across this locket in a box yet so I cannot give details on what it might look like. Please note that the chain on the locket in this picture is not the original. See the following listing for more information.

Version 2b: Another 1992 Made in China Locket
Images provided by thelittlewolf.

This locket is similar to the locket above with a few differences: it seems to be more silver than gold and the "BANDAI 1992 MADE IN CHINA" mark on the back appears bound by a box which is something I have not seen in another other versions of the locket. Thelittlewolf's photos also informed us that here IS a "2" under the lid of this locket. It seems to be the only 1992 version so far to have the "2" under the lid. This one is weird! xD

Version 2c: 1992 Spanish Starry Sky Orgel

This locket is a candidate to be either of the two mystery Made in China 1992 lockets above. I was only able to located one photo of this locket. It appears to be in Spanish and I've been told on good authority (;P) that there is a Guadalajara in Spain. The box is fairly similar in proportions to the Japanese box. From this one photo it does appear that it might be slightly more gold on the surface than it is on the rim around the lid. It's hard to tell unless you can see the lockets side by side to make the comparison.

I cannot verify what the back of this locket says, but the back of the box does have a 1992 date on it and it says it was made in China. If I could verify its color or if it has a "2" under the lid then I would figure it to be the same as one the lockets above. Of course, having a picture of the back of the locket would be ideal.

Looking to credit these Spanish Locket photos! Please contact me if you know where the originals were from. I am unable to locate the original owner.

Version 3: 1992 European Starry Sky Orgel
See image here.

The European locket might be lighter in color than the Japanese original. If so, then it's "gold" is much more muted, similar to the color around the lid of the original Japanese locket. I remember seeing it beside an original Japanese one and noticing the color difference, but I'd like to verify this again to be sure as I've also been told that it is gold like the original.

Clearly the box for this version is very different. chelseacandy was kind enough to provide a picture of the back of her European locket. It reads "BANDAI 1992 MADE IN CHINA". She said it does not have a "2" under the lid. This verifies that the locket in Version 2a could actually be a European locket. All that's left in this case is to compare a European one to an original to check the color. It also means the the European locket and the Spanish edition might be the same locket in different packaging.

Version 4: 1995 Hong Kong Starry Sky Orgel

The 1995 Hong Kong edition locket can easily be mistaken as a Japanese locket if you only see the front of the box. The box has a lot of Japanese text on it and looks very similar to the original Japanese box. However, there are some subtle differences. First, the front lower left of the Hong Kong box says "MADE IN CHINA" in a pink box. This is the most noticeable difference and the easiest one to spot even on small images. The back of the box clearly shows the company listing in the lower left corner as: Bandai Asia Ltd. Co. Hong Kong.

Other differences include the text above the locket's name: on the Hong Kong edition it is smaller and written in English instead of the Japanese that is on the original. Also, the spacing is slightly different around Sailormoon on the Hong Kong box. Notice that there is almost one whole 'fist' length between Sailormoon's raised fist and the edge of the clear window to the locket. This is a much smaller space on the original Japanese box.

This locket is most frequently mistaken for the Japanese original while in the box. When I bought my HK locket I believed it to be the original Japanese in the box because the seller listed it as such. I didn't know enough about the differences to see it. However, short of having the original, this is the box I personally like the most.

This locket is slightly less gold than the original Japanese locket or the 1992 Chinese release. This photo shows a comparison between the HK locket and the 1992 locket that might be from Spain (Version 2a). The Hong Kong locket also has a "2" in the center of the underside of the lid. This is not present on the Original Japanese or the Version 2a release.

This is my locket. The back of my locket says "BANDAI ASIA 1995". Because my locket does not have the Korean sticker on the back I am assuming the HK and Korean locket both have the same writing on the back. The sticker on the Korean one (see below) seem to be the only way to tell the difference if they are loose.

Version 5: 1995 Korean Starry Sky Orgel

This is probably the version of the locket that I see the most often. This box has Korean writing on it which looks quite a bit different from Japanese (even if you can't read it). Most noticable is the big yellow banner at the bottom. Here's a close up.

The back of the Korean locket says "BANDAI ASIA 1995". I have also seen some of the Korean lockets have a sticker on the back (photo from SaturnBunny) with Korean writing on it. You can see the same sticker on Super-Moogles's Korean locket here.

The Korean locket also has the "2" under the lid. It is slightly less gold in color than the original.

Photos courtesy of Super-Moogles &lt;3

Version 6: 1993 Japanese Pink Starry Sky Orgel
See video here

Following the R season release of the anime in Japan, Bandai produced another version of the Starry Sky Orgel. It was the same as the first but with one major difference: the body of it was pink instead of gold (the lid, for whatever reason, was still gold). The box is styled to match the R season toys, however the back of the locket says "BANDAI 1992 MADE IN JAPAN" even though it was released in 1993. This locket had a very short run and is considered to be a very rare item and highly collectible. This locket is unlikely to sell for less than $600, even loose.

Photo courtesy of

Where can I buy a Star Locket? How much does a Star Locket cost?
If you want to make this awesome item a part of your collection then there are a few places you can look to find it. Occasionally it pops up on eBay either loose or in the box. You might also be lucky and find it for sale from a collector in person on YouTube or in a closed collection community like SeraSell on LiveJournal. Another place to keep an eye on is Yahoo Japan auctions. You cannot bid directly on these auctions so you will have to use a third party bidding site like FromJapan or Japanmart.

In the last 12 months all versions of the Star Locket have averaged to be about $300 each. Even loose they can still fetch over $300. This seems to be up from previous years when it was averaging closer to $200. But in March 2011 someone lucked out and picked one up for $22.70 in an auction so you just NEVER know when you might find a deal. :P

As always, happy hunting!

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I'm one of those people who is apparently stuck with LiveJournal's emails being blocked as spam by some third party provider. I haven't been getting notifications of messages or replies for days. I've set everything to go to my inbox now but if I reply slowly or somehow miss your message, I'm sorry. >_O

Scammer Alert: auroradumar

This was originally posted on SeraSell, but now that the issue has been resolved I feel comfortable posting this for everyone.  Just a heads up!


Hey eveyone! ochibawolf  and I have both recently had a very unpleasant experience with an eBay seller so we wanted to share the story with you all in hopes you can avoid the trap we both fell into.  The seller in question is

In December, Ochi and I each won an auction for a Cutie figure: mine was Mercury; hers, Mars.  Both figures were listed as being in “excellent condition” and “not been removed from the box.”  The box was listed as “good condition, with little wear and tear.”  The seller noted that the box still had “the original tape.”

Ochi and I both got into a bit of a bidding war with some other buyers but ended up winning our respective figures.  We each paid promptly.  I received my Mercury figure on January 15th. Ochi got her Mars on the 17th.  Ochi noticed that her Mars figure seemed to be missing the stand which can be seen on the back of the box in the pictures. Also, her box was not “with little wear and tear” considering strips of the box wear torn off.  

At this point, Ochi filed a claim with eBay that the item was not in the described condition.  Then she contacted me to ask about my Mercury figure.  I told her my figure was new and unopened but when she told me about hers missing the stand I decided to check to see if mine was also missing the stand.  

When I got home that night I looked in through the front of the box and I couldn’t see the stand.  While I was peering at it without the awe of ‘omg new toy,’ I noticed some weird thing on her arm.  It looked like some kind of goop. I decided to open the box.  Boy, what a SHOCK.  Poor Mercury’s arm and leg almost fell off!! It’s clear that someone broke this figure and then tried (poorly and without any skill) to repair it.  I was horrified.  

I contacted the seller and politely inquired about a return/refund because of the condition of the figure.  I told them that I didn’t think they were trying to mislead me.  I can see how one would think the figure was unopened since I too thought it was fine when I first got it.  Long story short, the seller seems to think that Ochi and I are in cahoots to scam them out of their money when it’s pretty clear they were trying to scam us in the first place (or they really just didn't LOOK at the items they were selling).  After failed attempts at nice communication with this seller I gave up and also filed a claim.

Ochi and I were both awarded in our favor for our claims and we have shipped our figures back to the seller.  eBay has issued full refunds to both of us.  However, we are concerned the seller is just going to relist them so we wanted to make sure the community had all the information.  Please see this Google Doc for a record of the communications.

I would also like to concede that it is possible this seller really did think these items were new and unopened.  It might be that they did not intend to lie about the condition of the figures, but given the circumstances and their conduct it does seem pretty unlikely.  Ochi and I are both really happy that eBay sided with us in these cases and we hope we never have to deal with something like this again. :( 

Collection Update & Star Locket Comparison

I haven't really posted a collection update in a few months.  Obviously I've gotten many things (hehe) but I will just go over some of the coolest here.  As always, you can see the whole collection in painstaking detail on my DeviantArt account, Sakkysmoonbag. Skip to the end if you want to help with a Star Locket Tutorial!

Back in November I picked up all three Starlights Beauty Change dolls on SeraSell.  They were $100/ea which is probably a little more than average, but as usual my habits of wanting to buy directly from other sellers I trust out weighed my desires to try and wait for a deal from an unknown seller.  I'm really glad I got them all together though.  Of course, now I'm eying other BC dolls, but they are so expensive and I don't have all that much space for dolls these days. >_>

In December, I found a Heartful Harmony (also on SeraSell).  It was $117.  It's an expensive item for being so weird (it's not canonical in any way) but I had it on my wish list because it plays Moonlight Densetsu.  You can see a video of it here.  I have seen it sell for less (averaging around $80-90) but I was happy to pick it up in such great condition. 

(Slightly off topic: there are lots of videos of Sailormoon toys on YouTube and I find them helpful as references for various things.  I was thinking about also doing videos of my toys and stuff but since most of them are up in some form already do you think it's too repetitive?  Or are different perspectives good?)

Also in December, a fellow collector contacted me about a Nakayoshi Chibimoon. I wasn't too keen on spending all that much on one doll but she was so cute and she came with her box so it was hard to resist!  She was $206 which I think makes her the most expensive price I've paid for one doll.  Since then, I've been trying to sell my World Musical Doll to make up for it. xD

In January I snagged a Super Sailormoon Petite for $50.  I'd actually lost one in auction only a few days before I found this one and I was happy to get it from a trusted seller.  She's in really great condition.  I wish I knew more about the petite figures, particularly Moon and the Inners.  There seem to be so many different versions of them and it can be very confusing.  

I also went eBay crazy in January and bid like mad on a Sailormoon World Sailor Saturn doll.  I don't know what made me do it, but I just kept bidding and bidding with complete determination to win.  I swear sometimes I have no control. I won in the end for $135.49.  Ugh.  I don't know why I did it but DAMN is she cute >_>  She's also unopened and it's the version with the proper boots. 

The last few awesome items have just come in the mail in the last few days.  It's really exciting since these are things that I have been looking for for a really, really long time.  I am sure some of you know what it's like when you have something on your wish list for so long and you just feel like you can't get your little hands around it! D:

FINALLY I got my Eternal Article AND my 1992 Starry Sky Orgel! <3

I'm absolutely GIDDY of course!! :D  The Eternal Article I had to finally break down and spend $300 on eBay (though it included shipping).  I was really determined to get it for $250 or less but I just couldn't WAIT anymore.  It feels REALLY good to have at least one version of all the compacts now.  And the Orgel was just a stroke of luck!  Another collector contacted me by email and offered it to me along with a PGSM Deluxe Henshin Accessory Set.  The locket was 100€ (about $120) and the Accessory Set was 45€ ($60).  Considering how expensive that set has been selling for on eBay I was really happy to get it for that.  Now I have earrings for my Mars costume! *dance*

Incidentally, this seller also has the following items available.  I'd be happy to make a referral if we've done business before.
  • Eternal Sailor moon Dream Pocket Dolls 45€
  • Sailor Star healer Dream Pocket Dolls 30€
  • Sailor Neptune Beauty Change 50€
  • PGSM Chatterbox Luna (in box) 55€
Now I have two Orgels so I'm not really sure what I will do.  Because I am over $300 in the negative I am tempted to sell one, but I'm not sure if I would keep the Japanese one in the Chinese box, or keep the Chinese one in the Chinese box, or keep the loose Japanese one and sell the Chinese one with the box.  It's a complicated decision.  For now I will likely keep both for a while and ponder it over.  I really would like to pay off this giant debt but I don't think I'm quite ready to part with either yet.

Also, here's the stuff I have for sale. :P

I took the time to do a few comparison photos of the lockets for you guys.  I posted it on DA:

Star Locket - HK vs. Japanese
by *SakkysMoonBag on deviantART

Star Locket Tutorial
I really want to make a guide to all the different versions but I need help from people who have them.  So far I have photos of:
  • 1995 Made in China Hong Kong edition with box
  • 1992 Made in China edition loose (possibly Spanish release)
  • 1995 Bandai Asia Korean edition with box
  • 1992 Made in Japan Pink Japanese edition loose
  • 1992 Unknown Spanish edition with box (possible the same as the second on this list)
I wrote up a comparison that I'm updating as I get more pictures and information here on Blogger and here on LJ. 

November Collection Update

x-posted from Blogger

I've been pretty busy buying and selling and trading in the last few weeks. I managed to get a hold of some pretty neat stuff!

But that Eternal Article continues to elude me. :( I found this one recently and immediately made a $200 offer (probably with in just a few minutes of the listing because I've been stalking the crap out of eBay) but the seller and I couldn't come to an agreement on the price. Sorry, I can't really bring myself to spend more than $250 on that locket considering how stupid its sound effects are (and the fact that it has sold for less than $200 in the past six months. Still kicking myself for missing that one...) I just have to keep being patient and believe that it will eventually come to me for the right price at the right time. Ah, it's just so hard to wait. ._.

ANYWAY onto the good stuff. ^o^

This plush wand is so freakin cute. I saw it in a lot with another plushie that I'd already bought for $18 so I decided that I was at least willing to go that high for the lot. It ended at $15.50 and it worked out that the other two plushies in the lot were ones that I didn't have (they were Big Size Moon and Big Size Venus from that weird SMS set of three. So I hopped on eBay and picked up Mercury to complete the set). I want to make a pattern based on it so I can sew my own and make it have sound and light up!! Like I have time to be making random plushies.... haha :P

My next find was this adorable Star Maker Petit. I didn't have any Starlight Petits and this one is in such nice condition, all wrapped in plastic to protect the box. She was $25 which is probably a bit much but at the time I had money to burn and I really wanted a Starlight Petit. I wish it was Healer though, she's my favorite. I have a few other Petits, Moon and the inners, but they aren't all the proper ones with the names on the stands. I might at some point have to start replacing those. I can't seem to find any of the outers so maybe I will end up selling them if I get impatient.

These are my first Dream Pocket dolls. I wasn't planning on trying to start getting this set because I know some of them are really hard to find and they can get pretty expensive. But I got all five of these for $90 so I really could not pass up that opportunity. I mean, when something like that comes along you just go for it, right? Right!

So now at least I have all three of the Starlights! They are adorable dolls. :3

And the best part about the last few days was the Super Awesome Trade of Super Awesome that I did with a member of SeraSell. I traded my extra World Eternal Tier and Moon Chalice (the part that attaches to the Tier) for this:

Is it not the most glorious thing you have EVER seen?!  What a pretty wand.  I'm so happy with it.  I really love the crystal on top, though I have no idea why it is pink.  You know what the most ridiculous thing is about this wand?  It's name.  Moon Stick.  Really?  We couldn't have called it "Silver Crystal Moon Wand" or "Crescent Moon Wand" we just called it "MOON STICK."  Blah.  I will call it Beautiful <3

So that's all from me this month.  I have another restoration project in the works but I'm going to be fairly busy with plushies for a while so I'm not sure when I will get to it.  I don't really have much money kicking around right now so I probably won't be making any big purchases unless a really awesome deal comes up.  I'm still selling a Spiral Moon Heart Rod and I've got a few random posters and things for sale up on DA but I think the next few weeks are going to be pretty quiet.

But here's hoping they aren't! ^o^

Crisis Compact Restoration - A for Effort! C for execution.

A few weeks ago I bought a Rainbow Moon Chalice/Holy Grail that had some light damage to the base. I did a restoration on it to recover the original pink color and made a little tutorial about it. You can see it on deviantART here.

Seeing as that went well, I decided to try something a little harder. I bought a IRS Crisis Heart Compact with chipped paint to see if I could restore that. I bought some gold mirror finish chrome paint online and when I got the locket I look it apart and covered up the stuff I didn't want to paint. I started laying thin layers onto it on Saturday morning and did a new coats every 15 mins into the afternoon. By about 2 PM it was starting to look *really* good; not as reflective as the original surface, but still very pretty and very shiny.

I wish I'd taken a photo. :(

Once I was sure the last coat was dry, I grabbed some high gloss acrylic to seal it. Boy was that a Bad Idea. The acrylic had some kind of crazy reaction with the chrome as soon as it hit the surface - it congealed like sour milk hitting hot coffee. It made an instant, huge mess. Panic set it. I tried to wipe it away, clean it, clear it. Things congealed more, got stuck to the cloth, made clumps if goopy paint globs and blaaaah it was a MESS. And then some of it hardened into big lumps so I took fine sandpaper to get it off but I wasn't careful enough and the plastic was scratched all over.

I was SO depressed. I actually cried.

Subsequent layers of the chrome paint looked terrible. Every little lump and inconsistency shown with GLARING MOCKERY. "YOU SEE WHAT YOU DID TO ME? YOU SEE HOW YOU FAILED?!" D:

I moped around the house all day complaining how I'd totally ruined it and my project was a complete failure. I was a complete failure. It was a bad day. I got a bloody nose (probably from the spray paint?) I cut my finger on some glass. Totally unrelated. I cried more anyway.

Once I worked myself out of that funk I decided to try ordinary gold spray paint to see if I could salvage what was left.

This was the end result:

This is a comparison with an undamaged compact:

So it's certainly not as sparkly as it once was, but I don't think it looks bad and I'm glad I opted for the non-shiny plan B. It looks better to me than it did with the paint missing anyway :D

Since it's an IRS locket, I tested it out with my Kalidescope to make sure everything still worked. Lights and sounds, everything is a go! So even though it didn't work out as miraculously as my last go, I still consider it a mild success and I know that I will do better with the chrome paint the next time. ^o^